Sunday, October 9, 2011

What We're Learning This Week - 10/2 and 10/9

What We're Learning This Week

The Week of 10/2/11
  • Lowercase Letters and the letter P
  • Pumpkin
  • The Color Orange
  • Noah's Ark 
  • 11, 12, 13
  • Moses - "I am with you always" Matthew 28:20

We had a great time with pumpkins and the color orange this week.  Owen is really picking up on his colors very well.  For the first half of the week, he called anything that was orange "pumpkin", like it was a color.  It was pretty funny.  But, he finally figured out that the color is "orange" and a pumpkin is orange.  
We also made this craft:

(This isn't a pic of the one Owen made, but the picture from the website.  Click the picture to be directed to the link.)

Owen loved it!  He wanted to peel the seeds off after we glued them off and do it again, which got me thinking that you could easily make a similar craft with different colored beads and various pictures for him to play with.  

The Week of 10/9/11
  • Lowercase Letters and the letter G
  • Pumpkins (cont.)
  • The Color Green
  • Abraham called
  • 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
  • Moses - "I am with you always" Matthew 28:20

Owen had such a good time with pumpkins this week, I decided to continue it a couple more weeks. I found a couple more crafts on Pinterest (gah, I love, love, LOVE pinterest!).  Here's a couple (click on the picture to take you to the link):

I don't have other great plans for the week.  Guess I'll just kind of wing it.  I may take Owen to the pumpkin patch this week, or we may wait until we get back from vacation next week.  

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