Thursday, September 29, 2011

What We're Learning This Week - 9/25-10/1

What We're Learning This Week

  • Lowercase Letters and the letter L
  • Leaves
  • The Color Yellow
  • The Story of the Cain and Abel and Baby Moses (CBS review)
  • Verse:   Mark 12:31 – “Love your neighbor as yourself.” and "I am with you always." Matt 28:20 (CBS verse)

Owen had a bit of a rough week, so we didn't spend a lot of time "doing school".  On Monday, we went to the library and picked out books about leaves.  We came home and read some of the books.  Then we glued leaves onto a drawing of a tree.  He loved that!  

I got some silk leaves at Dollar Tree that were so cute.  They were red and yellow.  We used some of them for the craft, but the rest we played a game with.  I would throw them in the air and let them fall all over Owen, and I told him that it was fall and all the leaves would fall off the trees.  Then he had a bag he had to stuff all the leaves in.  And, we talked about the color of the leaves.  

I got a book about the letter L at the library and we read that several times.  He definitely knows what L says, but I'm not sure he'd recognize a lower case l.  I think it looks too much like a 1.  

We really didn't do the Cain and Abel story and verse this week.  I think we'll continue that next week.  He's totally nailed Moses though.  He loves doing his verse!  I'm not sure how much he understands the story, but he talks about Moses all the time.  Today, he went to CBS and they continued the story of Moses.  He made a burning bush.  They sing the verse to the melody of "London Bridge".

Felt Letter Mats

I made these this week.  They are felt letter mats.  Owen LOVES them! I cut out all the upper and lower case letters and hot glued them to 1/2 size sheets of felt.  So, we've been playing games with them.  It cost about $5 to make and probably about 3 hours.  

Felt Letter Mat Game Ideas - 
1) Jump on the Letter - I call out a letter and he jumps on it, or I call out a sound and he finds the letter
2) Follow the trail - I set up a trail with the mats and Owen has to jump (can you tell we love jumping right now?) from mat to mat and say the name/sound of the letter
3) Make words - you can easily make words or blends with the mats.  

I have a feeling we'll be using these for years!


  1. So proud to call you friend! You are a great Mama! Those mats rock.

  2. Thanks! :) The felt was only $1 a pack at Dollar Tree, and it was nice and firm, easy to cut. While we were playing earlier, I made a circle with about 6 letters. He got in the middle and I'd call out a sound and he had to jump on the letter. He loved it!