Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Family

So, thought I'd try something a little different and write about my husband and kids.  I think they are pretty cool and deserve a blog post dedicated to them.

About Shane:

Shane and I have been married for over 5 years now.  He's awesome.  I'm pretty sure that I've never enjoyed anyone's company as much as I enjoy Shane's.  He's hilarious, and we have the best conversations.  This may surprise some of you, since he has a reputation of being somewhat quiet.  But, he's not quiet at home.  Well, I mean, he's not loud either.  But, we talk for hours and hours.  We have the same taste in books and movies, which makes hanging out a lot of fun.
Shane's Likes: 
Post-apocalyptic fiction (movies, TV shows, books), learning (about something in excruciatingly precise detail),  reading instruction manuals (seriously, he has to read a manual before he will touch whatever the manual is to), cookies and ice cream, photography, 3D animation, graphic design, video games (his most annoying "like"), reading books (so carefully that they are almost memorized), driving really safely, music, bass playing, song writing
Shane's Dislikes:
Asparagus, reality TV, most TV shows, romantic comedies, super loud people (how he married me, I have no idea), being early somewhere, construction work, salty food
Something you may not know about Shane:
Well, for one, he's brilliant, but that might not surprise most people who know him.  He was on a commercial once.  It used to air during The 700 Club.  When we dated, I'd watch it every day to see his commercial.

About Owen:

Owen is my oldest son.  He's almost 2 1/2, and he's a big handful! He's strong-willed, independent, loud, super smart (especially with electronics), and loves to learn.  He already knows all his letters and sounds, and he's learning to read right now.  Getting him to sit still is near about impossible.
Owen's Likes:
Music, electronics, cell phones, computers, Blue's Clues, the song "Manefesto" by The City Harmonic, frogs, cats, playing outside, playing with daddy, playing on the piano, singing, cookies, eggs, cheese, reading in his room at night, brushing his teeth, taking showers, going to church, seeing my family, seeing Shane's family
Owen's Dislikes:
Obeying, listening, sitting still, being in his car seat, eating dinner, going to Walmart (he groans as we enter the parking lot), going to the Dr, not being allowed to touch the computer, Evan touching his stuff
Something you may not know about Owen:
Owen is strangely and ridiculously polite. Seriously, it's odd.  He says "thank you" and "please" constantly.  You say, "Here, Owen, please throw this in the trash for mommy." He says, "Thank you!" and takes the trash.  He loves to do household chores too.  I'm thrilled, but I don't think I can take any credit.

About Evan:

Evan is my youngest son.  He's 10 months old, and he's totally, totally different from Owen.  He loves to be held, and he loves to cuddle.  He wants to play with people more than he wants to play with toys.  He's a super fast crawler, and his favorite game is crawl really fast and let Owen chase him, or vice versa.
Evan's Likes:
Cuddling, music, cheerios, bananas, beef, yogurt, cars, a certain stuffed monkey, Elmo, his daddy, playing with Owen, waving "hello", saying "mama" and "dada"
Evan's Dislikes:
Owen pushing him over, Owen taking his toy, Owen blocking his way, being in a car seat, having his diaper changed, me leaving him, me not picking him up while I'm cooking dinner
Something you may not know about Evan:
He's extremely strong and always has been.  When I was pregnant with him, he killed me daily.  Seriously, he would kick and it looked like someone was poking a pencil through my shirt.  He is ridiculously strong.  Owen better watch his back.

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