Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nina Planck

My journey into discovering "real food" started with Nina Planck, author of Real Food and Real Food for Mother and Baby. Her books are absolutely fantastic! Real Food is an excellent book for those interested in exploring traditional food.

Nina grew up on a farm, eating traditional foods. As an adult, she turned her back on traditional foods an embraced Veganism. After several years of weight gain, depression, and health problems, she made a "180" back into the arms of real food. She's been one of the biggest advocates of farmers markets, introducing London to the concept.

She's written two books published in the US - Real Food and Real Food for Mother and Baby. Both are full of great information, providing research supporting real food, evidence of its superiority, history of traditional and industrialized food, and some practical how-to on eat traditionally. I wish she'd write a cookbook next.

I often read her facebook updates, and she posts some excellent quotes and information about real food. One she posted today really struck me:

What does the original American food writer, Betty Fussell, say about food? This: 'And yet many of us Americans believe food kills us. Stupidly we make it an enemy — we say food makes us fat, ugly, sick, anxious, greedy, brutal, murderous. Hey, we’re humans who did not create ourselves nor the grounds of our condition.... We embody the basic contradiction that we are born to die and that in order to live we feed on fellow creatures — plants and animals. It’s not food that does us in. It’s life.
So let’s treasure and pleasure it while we may, with all our senses flashing a red alert of joy. To look, taste, touch, savor — nothing does that better than sex but food.'

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