Monday, July 5, 2010

Grocery Carts

I haven't been on in a while. Life has been crazy, and I just haven't had much time. But, I'm committing to blog at least a couple times a week, and I'm going to start posting more recipes and pics of the foods I cook.

I don't want to be deceptive. I do not cook 100% traditional/real food. I love cereal, diet coke, and many other processed foods. Even though I know they are bad for you, I still eat plenty of them. However, I really do believe in simple, traditional, from-scratch cooking with real food. My cooking is probably 85% real. We don't eat out a ton, but I don't worry about traditional food too much when we do go out.

And, because of budget reasons, we can't do everything I wish we could or believe we should. Since Owen weaned himself onto milk, I haven't been able to afford raw milk. Oh how I miss it! But, I still buy whole milk made without pesticides and growth hormones. I'm probably saving about $30 a month by making this switch. Plus, I'm pregnant, and listeria does scare me a little, even though I'd probably still be drinking raw milk if money wasn't an issue. I've been craving it so bad! Also, I haven't been able to buy grass-fed meat of late, and I have to just look for the best quality I can find in the grocery store.

Anyway, onto my real post, which is entitled: "Grocery Carts".

Owen and I had to run by the grocery store today, specifically Walmart, to pick up a few things we needed for the week. They had their watermelons on sale, and, oh how I've been craving watermelon! I bought two last week. Tonight I'm going to try cutting up the watermelon, freezing it, then blending it into a smoothie with lemon juice!! Like frozen watermelon lemonade! I can't wait. I'll try to post my recipe and pics later on.

Anyway, back to my story. We're in Walmart, and it's packed out. So many people there! We're going through the store. In my cart, I have lemons, watermelon, apples, bananas, a block of cheddar cheese, eggs, and milk. I'm looking around as I'm shopping and noticing the food in other grocery carts. Most of it is appalling and sad.

I saw a slightly overweight, older woman with fat-free, low-fat everything in her cart, and everything extremely processed: fat-free, high-fiber bagels, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spread (even though, people who actually can't believe it's not butter must not have tasted real butter in years, because I can tell the difference for sure!), Special-K cereal, fat-free yogurt, egg white mixture, soy milk, etc. It's sad, because not only are these foods gross and highly processed, all that lack of fat and calcium is going to deplete her body of what it needs. She'll eat more, have osteoporosis, and never have a satisfied appetite.

I saw one family, all morbidly obese, with the following in their cart: 20 lunchables, a couple gallons of skim milk, lots of cereal, and frozen pizzas, among a few other things, but no vegetables or fruit. It was so sad. I felt bad for them, because their health was obviously suffering from a lack of beautiful, wonderfully nutrient rich produce. Not to mention that their entire diet was based on super processed foods.

I saw lots of other people too, and as I glanced in their carts, I noticed that the ones with lots of real food, were healthy looking, while those with mostly processed foods were overweight. This seems pretty obvious. Oh course, the food you buy at the grocery store impacts your weight and health and energy. This surely is not surprising.

But, have you looked at your grocery cart lately? What does it say about your health? It's easy to look at someone else's cart and judge them on their choices, but have you looked at your choices lately? You may be in your twenties, and the physical picture of health. But, if you keep filling your cart like those unhealthy people you see at the grocery store, you will become like them.

Food for thought.


  1. I do this too. I look in people's carts at the grocery store to see what they are buying. It is very very interesting!

  2. I'm always amazed at what people buy. Prepackaged meals, junk food, no individual ingredients to actually make a complete meal from scratch. It would save people so much money if they would just cook their own food. It always blows me away to see people buy bottled water or cases of soft drinks. We drink filtered water from the tap.

  3. Being a nutrition/dietetics student is not easy... I, too, look (and try hard to look away) at people's grocery carts A LOT (I try not to look down and stay eye-level with people)! (Not to mention eating at restaurants and asking how the food is cooked, how fresh, etc.) However, I love my diet coke and a few processed foods, too. No one is perfect, including myself. I mean, I know 10% of the things I buy are bad for me, but I do very well with the other 90% sooo I think I'm doing pretty good!