Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carbs and Fertility

Okay, since I just had a baby, I still get lots of emails about pregnancy and fertility, and I got an email from babyzone.com with new research on fertility. Here is an interesting part about the correlation between carbs and fertility:

Carbohydrate Intake Linked to Infertility, Study Says

The Scoop: Eating carb-loaded foods such as sugary breakfast cereal could disrupt ovulation in some women and lead to fertilityproblems, according to a recent study from Harvard University. After analyzing the diets of over 18,000 women and calculating the glycemic index of foods eaten (glycemic index is the extent to which a food raises blood sugar), researchers found that women who ate large quantities of high glycemic index foods daily were 92 percent more likely to suffer from ovulatory infertility.

For Your Fertility: In the study, high glycemic index foods most associated with infertility risk included cold breakfast cereals, white rice and potatoes. According to researchers, a carb-filled, high glycemic preconception diet cancause hormonal disruptions and may mean women are skimping on certain fats known to have positive benefits for fertility (including saturated and mono-unsaturated fats). Also noted in the study were low glycemic foods that appeared to reduce risk for ovulation problems. These included brown rice, whole grain pasta, and whole grain bread.


So, what's the bottom line: Fats are good for you! High carb foods are NOT (even if they are "low fat")! Your body needs them to function properly, including saturated fats! If you are trying to get pregnant, eat whole milk (preferable raw), lots of fish, eggs from free-range hens, and grass-fed beef (if possible). Lots of omega-3 fats are present in these, as well as saturated fats.