Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Diet and Response to Blog Comments

I started a new "diet" today to try to lose the rest of this baby weight! So far, so good! Basically, I'm cutting out all the refined sugar treats I still indulge in, diet soda, and I'm limiting my carb intake. I already eat only whole grains. But, I'm going with less than 70g of carbs a day for a few months (per Weston Price's site: I think that this a healthy amount and I tend to eat way too many starches. I'm also going to eat lot of healthy fats - butter, animal fats, and coconut oil. I recently read Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig about the importance of eating lots of healthy fats. They say that these healthy fats are essential to vitamin absorption and keep you satiated, so that you eat less.

My only concern with starting this "diet" (which really isn't a diet, but a continuation of my health quest) is breastfeeding. I don't want to lose my milk supply or eat too few calories. But, I know that the fats you eat are the most important while breastfeeding, so I'm not too concerned. I am more concerned about the asparatame in my breastmilk from drinking so many diet sodas. I'll keep you updated as to the results.

So, I tried to respond to comments, but my computer kept messing up and not letting me respond on the threads, so I'll respond here to Lindsey. As you can read from above, I really believe in the importance of fats, and everything I've learned as I've been reading and studying about health has gone contrary to popular "nutrionism", like eating low-fat, avoiding saturated fats, and consuming low-fat dairy products. I think that the natural foods that God made are the best for our bodies, not the food that the food industry created. So, I believe there is a reason why God made milk the way it is, rich in fat for calcium and vitamin absorption. So, I don't worry about the fat in milk, and I haven't gained a pound since I started drinking it. But, I do have more energy and my breakfast "holds on" a lot longer in the morning.


  1. Honey, you need to know that anything 'diet' is not gonna help you in the long run. The sweeteners in those actually increase your appetite, and *make* you hungry!
    They fool your stomach!

  2. Hey girl! I just noticed your comment. I totally agree with you and am trying so hard to cut out on all of the fake foods in my diet. I actually am just realizing the horror of all this...I don't remember what my original comment was, but I'm sure my opinion has changed. I'm scared of what the food industry is doing to our food. I really want to find a way to eat natural foods and stay within our budget. It seems hard, though. Any tips on that? Kyle is not "on board" with all the natural stuff. I don't think he quite gets it.

  3. Real the book, "Real Food" by Nina Planck. She lays out all the guidelines for eating healthy.

    As for doing it on a budget, there are several tips I have for that.
    1) Look at local produce stands for local/organic produce. Sometimes the produce there is cheaper and it's usually more nutritious. That's hard this time of year, because not much is in season. But, beginning in the spring, that's a great place to look!
    2) Shop the Grocery Stores - Before I go shopping, I look online at who has what on sale. Sometimes I'll go to two or three stores to get stuff on sale.
    3) Do what you can - I can't do everything, but a lot of natural food is cheaper. For instance, it's cheaper to make eggs for breakfast than give everyone a bowl of cereal with milk. All natural peanut butter (with only peanuts and salt) is about the same price as Jif.
    4) Don't be fooled by organic junk food - There are lots of products that are organic that are still heavily processed and not real food. Just because it's organic does not make it real.
    Hope that helps!